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Cool Creek Coffee Company

We are boutique coffee roasters located in Carmel, Indiana. We take special care to help passionate coffee drinkers find the perfect cup for their pallets. Through our roasting development, we’ve found that the perfect roast and brew really depend on the individual consumer. While store-bought coffee has selection and roasting methods that appease the mass market, our focus is on creating the perfect roast to match the pallet of each consumer’s brew method and personal preference.

Cool Creek Coffee Co. was started by a couple of dads who met while coaching their boys’ soccer team. Over several hours on the sidelines and late practice sessions, Dan and Jim quickly learned they both shared a passion for coffee. Fast forward a few months and the two soccer coaches began ordering and roasting beans in bulk and tinkering with the process to brew the perfect cup (for their pallets at least).

Whether you enjoy the quick morning tumbler on your way to your first destination of the day, a few cups from your auto-drip over breakfast with the family, or the perfect pull from your espresso maker on a slow afternoon, Cool Creek Coffee Roasters take pride in personalizing your perfect cup of coffee.